Written by:  Cindy Joyce

Thank you to all of our clients who participated in our 2018 Client Survey.  We are thrilled with the results and greatly appreciate the time you took out of your schedules to participate.

Overall, we had 138 clients participate in the survey, which was slightly lower than the record-setting participation we had in 2017. Since we know you all are asked to survey just about everything these days, we shortened the survey this year. In the end, the average completion time was just under four minutes! We do so value your feedback.

One of our primary goals at Agili is to delight you, our clients.  We truly are humbled that you trust us with such an important aspect of your life, your finances.  We are excited to report that scores in our service areas were up from 2017, with the exception of one service area that was flat year over year.  The score for “I understand the goals and strategies for my financial plan” remained flat. Therefore, improved communication in these areas will be a focus in our meetings with you during 2019.

As we refreshed our brand in 2018, we put more emphasis on being your Personal CFO.  When we asked you how important that attribute was to you when compared with other attributes, being your Personal CFO ranked highest, tied with understanding your life. We embrace being your Personal CFO and are grateful you value this too.

We primarily build our business through referrals from you, so we were delighted to hear that the majority of survey respondents are extremely likely to refer friends, colleagues and family members to Agili. We have a strong team and would love to help additional people who are like you. Therefore, we are thankful you are willing to share your thoughts about us with others.

The Agili leadership team meets in January each year to review the prior year and look ahead to the coming year.  The results of our annual survey are reviewed in detail to help us learn how we can continue to delight you as well as meet your needs.

Our survey is conducted annually, but we hope you will be candid with us about our performance throughout the year.  Please share any feedback with your financial strategist, positive or negative. You are also welcome to always contact Michael Joyce, President of Agili, or me, Cindy Joyce, Chief Operating Officer.  Thank you for participating in the survey, and we look forward to delighting you in 2019.