Agili is Your Personal CFO

At Agili, we listen carefully to fully grasp your current needs and your future aspirations. As your Personal CFO, we customize, coordinate, and continuously monitor an individualized financial plan for you over your lifetime. We find joy in taking tasks off your plate and providing thoughtful support and expertise to you. We never forget the human element of what we do, thinking ahead to plan for the highs, lows and everything in-between.
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Funeral candle; funeral expense discussion
Funeral candle; funeral expense discussion

Financial Planning

Through our dedicated relationships and personalized plans, we give you financial reassurance. You can rest easy knowing that we are attentive and intentional with every detail. We think strategically about your fiscal picture, capably coordinating our efforts and allowing you to experience everyday moments.

Funeral candle; funeral expense discussion

Investment Management

We manage investments by customizing your portfolio with consideration of individual risk tolerance, tax status, time horizons, wealth goals, and unique circumstances. We take care to limit tax liabilities as well as managerial and transactional expenses. We are eager to make informed investment decisions for you so that you are free to do what you do best.

Funeral candle; funeral expense discussion

Concierge Financial Services

We work cohesively with banks, accountants, lawyers and insurance providers to ensure that each member of your financial team is in sync. We form banking relationships on your behalf, negotiate with lenders, advise you about salary and benefits negotiations, help optimize executive packages, negotiate with builders, contractors and salesmen of all types, provide financial education to your children and family, facilitate family meetings, provide emergency financial advice for you and your family, and evaluate third-party service providers for you. We enjoy reducing stress for our clients and helping in any way we can.

Who Our Individualized Services Help

At Agili, we work with successful, high income earners and high net worth individuals and their families across the United States to provide holistic wealth and financial management, including Concierge Financial Services. We also work with those characterized as emerging wealth or young wealth. Our clients consist of a range of corporate executives, physicians, engineers, business owners, dentists, lawyers, and regular working people.

Our goal is to simplify your financial life and to bring you peace of mind.

Funeral candle; funeral expense discussion

Let Agili act as Your Personal CFO.

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If you’re ready to get started with personalized financial management, simply contact us by filling out our financial questionnaire. Our questionnaire helps us understand your financial life so we can start on the right foot and understand how we can work together to best help you.

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