Financial Planning and the Proverbial Beer Truck

Written by:  Grant Wilburn   Many of our clients and all of my coworkers here at Agili have something in common: we live in constant fear of beer trucks.     As I’m sure some of those reading can attest, the length of time someone has been a client and the probability...

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Credit Ratings Explained

Written By: Conor Clark, CFA   CREDIT RATINGS VS. CREDIT SCORES Most readers are likely familiar with credit scores. Based on a person’s history of borrowing and making timely repayments (or not), a credit score is a measure of an individual’s credit worthiness....

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Habits of a 401k Millionaire

Written By: Dan Honsberger I recently gave a presentation delineating the habits that need to be established so that more 401k contributors can become millionaires. Since I know that this information would be beneficial to many savers and investors, I want to share...

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