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Secure 2.0 Act Blog Series: Changes to RMDs

Written by: Elissa Wurf, PhD, CFP®, CPA   At Agili, we like to help you, our clients and friends, better understand how legislation affects your finances.   You probably have heard about the legislation that was passed in December 2022, the Secure 2.0 Act....

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Protecting Yourself from Financial Predators

Written by:  Amber Ott and Jen Pieson   These days it seems there is no shortage of scam calls, phishing e-mails, and bad actors trying to steal what is yours. And they’ve managed to creep into every corner of our lives – our computers, our phones, our front...

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Teaching Children About Money

Michael Joyce sat down recently with Rachel DePompa of NBC12 to discuss helping children learn about finances. The story, "Tips to Teach Children of All Ages About Money," has been distributed nationally through InvestigateTV. [button...

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Agili Market Insights: Second Quarter 2023 Views

We invite you to watch our latest video, Agili Market Insights: Second Quarter 2023 Views. A full transcript of the video, featuring Michael Joyce, is below in italics.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foqZqF8NA44   Video Transcript: Hi. This is Michael...

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