Adventures in Car Buying

Written by:  Dan Honsberger I really get excited when people ask me if I know how to drive "stick" - it's the set up for one of my favorite stories about life lessons. In 2008 my Honda had recently lost its muffler, and I decided to be rid of the vehicle.  I stepped...

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Written By: Jen Pieson In the past few years we’ve seen a significant increase in the number of Health Savings Accounts offered to our clients. HSAs used to be fairly unusual, but now they are popping up left and right at benefits enrollment time. Are HSAs a good...

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Market Commentary 12.18.18

Written by:  Michael Joyce, CFA, CFP® You may have noticed news over the past couple of weeks that all major stock market indices have neared “correction” territory (that is, they are down 10% or more from their recent peak).  Recent news also reported that...

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Professional Designations

Written By: Amber Ott The financial planning and investment management business is filled with very capable and qualified people, and the Agili team is no exception.  The problem is, a lot of that expertise is hidden behind an alphabet soup of designations that are...

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