What is DocuSign and Why Do We Use It?

Written by:  Grant Wilburn Founded in 2003, DocuSign has quickly become the leader in their niche industry of validating electronic signatures. While the company offers several services, including identity management and workflow automation, DocuSign’s success mainly...

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Getting to Know: Amber Ott

Name:  Amber Ott Your Position at Agili:  Manager of Client Development and Chief Compliance Officer Educational background:  High School in Wisconsin.  Bachelor’s degree from New York University, double major in Psychology and Romance Languages (an overly fancy way...

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What to Ask when Buying or Leasing a Car

Written By: Elissa Wurf   In the research phase: 1) Examine ratings from Consumer Reports or other rating sites such as J. D. Powers. 2) Also, while researching, use kbb.com to look for how much the car's value drops when you drive it off the lot. You can do this by...

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How Agili Came to Be

As most of you will have seen by now, JoycePayne Partners recently became Agili. Our refreshed brand became public on May 14th, but much work was done before then to ensure the Agili name aptly represents who we will be in our next 25 years just as the names Michael...

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Credit Card Smarts – Micropayments

Written By: Jen Pieson Paying your credit card balance off in full every month is a great way to keep your credit score healthy. However, did you know that the timing and amount of these payments can materially affect your score? Your credit score is made up of many...

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