Concierge Financial Services

At Agili, we recognize that our clients are busy people! As part of our holistic approach to financial management, we are happy to provide a full array of concierge financial services to all clients as part of our ongoing offerings. We enjoy taking things off your plate! We work cohesively with banks, accountants, lawyers and insurance providers to ensure that each member of your financial team is in sync. We form banking relationships on your behalf, negotiate with lenders, advise you about salary and benefits negotiations, help optimize executive packages, negotiate with builders, contractors and salesmen of all types, provide financial education to your children and family, facilitate family meetings, provide emergency financial advice for you and your family, and evaluate third-party service providers for you. We enjoy reducing stress for our clients and helping in any way we can.

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What’s Included in Our Concierge Financial Services?

You have a one-stop expert financial resource in Agili. Having Agili as Your Personal CFO saves you the time and headache of completing these financial tasks yourself. Agili does the research, communication, and acts as a liaison so you can spend more time enjoying what’s important to you.


Concierge Financial Services We Provide:

Form Banking and Financial Custodian Relationships

  • Having acted as our clients’ Personal CFO for nearly 30 years, we have established strong relationships with financial institutions, including banks and custodians. Since we are an RIA, you can be confident that any referral we make is in your best interest.

Negotiate With Lenders

  • At Agili, we are experienced negotiators. If you are buying a new house, for example, we will gladly negotiate with mortgage lenders on your behalf, saving you time and reducing stress.

Support Salary and Benefits Package Negotiation

  • We have nearly 30 years of experience working with successful people like you. When our clients want to make a professional transition, we advise them ahead of salary and benefits package negotiations.

Optimize Executive Benefits

  • If you are a corporate executive, we will be happy to review your benefits package and suggest strategies for optimizing perquisites.

Negotiations With Builders, Contractors and Salesmen of All Types

  • Another benefit we provide as part of our concierge financial services is negotiating on behalf of our clients when making large investments (e.g., a home renovation) or when purchasing big-ticket items (i.e., cars or boats). We’ll do the wrangling for you!


Next Generation Financial Education

  • As the child of an Agili client comes of age, we offer to sit down with them to share financial education and advise them about establishing retirement accounts and investing for the long-term. We take pride in the fact that many of our clients’ children later become clients themselves.

Family Meeting Facilitation

  • Sometimes, clients are reluctant to have tough family conversations about finances and estate planning. We recognize that using a third-party to facilitate such conversations can be beneficial in certain situations – and we are happy to be that facilitator for our clients.

Emergency Financial Advice For You and Your Family

  • Agili is there for you at challenging times. If you or a family member experience an emergency, Agili can help. We know our clients well and they trust us. We are always available to advise our clients at times of need.

Third-Party Service Provider Evaluations

  • Need help deciding which estate attorney or bank is best for you? Agili will be happy to perform the necessary due diligence for you to choose the best company or person for the job.

A Story About Agili’s Concierge Financial Services

To illustrate how your team of experts at Agili is always happy to provide these concierge financial services to you and your family, we’ll share a short car-buying story with you. Recently, a client who had been living in Asia, was preparing to move back to Virginia. He was building a new home and needed to have a new car upon his arrival stateside. Agili stepped in and negotiated the new car purchase, oversaw titling, purchased auto insurance on behalf of our client and even arranged for the car to be delivered. When the client arrived home in the U.S., his new luxury vehicle was there waiting for him. Needless to say, our client was very appreciative. At Agili, we’ve helped many clients purchase cars that fit their needs, lifestyles and budgets. It is always our pleasure to pitch in and help you with life’s laborious tasks to enable you to enjoy life more fully.

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Benefits of Concierge Financial Services with Agili

With Agili as Your Personal CFO, the breadth of concierge financial services we offer is nearly limitless. We are truly here for you, bringing you financial peace of mind. The benefits of the concierge financial services we provide to you as part of your regular fee include: financial expertise and guidance when you need it most, our holistic financial planning approach, saving you time and energy, and fee-only advice from a fiduciary.

Financial Expertise and Guidance When You Need It Most:

When working with Agili, you have one Financial Strategist as your dedicated point of contact who is there to answer all your financial questions. Our Financial Strategists, Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professionals, Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), Investment Analysts, and Portfolio Administrators do the research for you, acting as a liaison between you and financial institutions, providing support for your family in life’s important moments, such as a new career move or emergency situations.

Holistic Financial Planning Approach:

When Agili works with you as a client, we have a complete picture of your unique financial life. We attend to every aspect of your fiscal wellbeing, acting as your one-stop financial shop so to speak. Being fully aware of each client’s financial situation enables us to provide individualized and customized insight and guidance that is in their best interest.

Save Time and Energy:

Having Agili as Your Personal CFO saves you time, energy and reduces stress. You no longer have the burden of researching, communicating about, and completing financial tasks yourself. Agili performs the research and due diligence for you and acts as the liaison with financial institutions, estate attorneys, tax preparers, etc., so you can spend more time pursuing what matters to you.

Fee-Only and Fiduciary:

We’re proud to be a fee-only financial management firm, meaning our clients pay us a fee based on their asset level. There are no hidden fees or broker fees. Agili does not receive any commissions or payments for recommending financial products or making referrals. This frees us to work in the best interest of our clients with few conflicts of interest.

Not only are we fee-only but we are also a fiduciary, meaning we are legally bound by the SEC to work in the best interest of our clients. We follow an ethical standard to only provide financial advice and recommend investments that are in their best interest. At Agili, our goal is to establish a long-term relationship with our clients.

Offering Concierge Financial Services is another way Agili acts as Your Personal CFO.

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Get Started with Your Personal CFO:

Contact Agili

If you’re ready to get started with personalized financial management that includes ongoing concierge financial services at your fingertips, simply contact us by filling out our initial questionnaire. Our questionnaire helps us understand your financial life so we can get started together on the right foot, prepare for our first meeting and understand how we can best help you with your financial goals. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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