Written By: Cindy Joyce

 At JoycePayne Partners, you, our clients, are our number one priority. It is a JPP core value to delight our clients on a daily basis. Annually, we measure your level of delight with us by surveying you. Thank you to all who participated in the 2015 survey. As in the past, we had a high rate of participation, and for this we are grateful.

 We are grateful because the data you provide us is an invaluable tool that allows us to continuously improve the JPP client experience. Your ratings and candid remarks help us to validate what we know we are doing correctly and explore areas where we can continue to improve.

 We have heard over the last two years from some participants that the survey was too long. So we listened to you and shortened the survey this year. We also allowed for more open, unstructured feedback for you to give more details to your answers.

 We have conducted the survey for over five years and are lucky to have many clients who have completed the survey every year. Thank you! This year, we also received responses from many new participants.  We benefit as a firm when we receive both annual responses and new perspectives.

 The results from the survey are consistent with prior surveys:

     * Our clients are happy.

               * Our clients are pleased with their financial team, they understand their overall goals and

                  objectives, and they are pleased with their financial team’s recommendations.

     * Our clients feel that we are responsive to them.

               * Our goal is to respond to you within 24 hours. You indicate we are doing so. This is one

                  goal where we aim to exceed expectations.

     * Our clients are delighted that we offer personalized, customized, value-added and innovative


     * More of our clients are finding and enjoying our social media presence.

     * Our clients would be happy to refer us to their friends.

We are not satisfied with consistent results. Our goal is to constantly improve the client experience and ensure each client’s delight in the services we provide. Therefore, we will use your verbatim comments to achieve our 2016 overall goal of improving the client experience.

Again, we want to thank our clients for participating in the JPP Annual Survey. We are excited to set goals and establish initiatives based on your valuable feedback.

If any client would like to discuss a certain aspect of the survey with the firm, please contact a member of your team.