Written By: Cindy Joyce

We wrapped up our annual JoycePayne Partners survey in early 2014.  Thank you to all of our clients who took part; we had a participation rate of over 40%.  Of course we would like everyone to participate, but we are very happy with the results.  We have had about 40% participation over the last three years.

JoycePayne Partners’ main goal in conducting the annual survey is to constantly improve the client experience at JPP.  Some of the questions we ask are identical year-over-year, but we do that intentionally so that we can measure our improvement.

What did we learn from this year’s client survey?

  • We are pleased to announce that our clients are happy.  When asked if our clients are satisfied they answered Yes.  However, that answer was consistent on a scale of 1 to 5 when compared to last year and we always want to improve, so we will be working to make our clients happier.


  • Our clients feel that we are responsive to them.  Our results rank between Very Responsive and Extremely Responsive, with a 7% increase over last year’s results.  We want to always be extremely responsive to all our clients, so we will continue to work on this area and we hope to increase our score in this area again on the next survey.  Our goals are to always be proactive with our clients and respond to all client inquiries (telephone, email, text etc.) within 24 hours.


  • While we are primarily known for providing investment and financial management to our clients, we also offer much more.  However, in verbatim responses we learned that some clients are not familiar with those services.  We have a plan in place during 2014 to make all clients more familiar with these services – so stay tuned!


  • We learned that our clients are very satisfied with their meetings with us.  Some meetings are face to face, some are video conferences and some are phone calls.  We are satisfied with these meetings too.  While our clients learn a lot at these meetings, they are important to us as well.  We are able to collect information about our clients’ needs during meetings.  Even when we have casual conversations with our clients we are constantly gathering information that gives us a clearer picture of your situation and helps us to better serve you.


  • We learned that many of you are not familiar with our blog or other social media initiatives at the firm.  While this is not our most important initiative, it is a widespread and convenient way to communicate and we plan to ease into adaptation and will include our clients on the journey.

Again, we want to thank our clients for participating in the JPP Annual Survey.  We are glad to be able to build goals and initiatives based on these results.  If any client would like to discuss a certain aspect of the survey with the firm, please contact a member of your team.

Written By:Cindy Joyce