Cindy Joyce Engage Your Work Team

Cindy Joyce, Agili CFO

Agili CFO, Cindy Joyce, wrote her final installment for Business 2 Community in a four-part series that explores  how to build a team to thrive in today’s marketplace, Building a Team: Keep Your Great Team Engaged. The first article provides hiring tips, the second piece examines onboarding, and the third installment is about employee retention.


Company Leadership Must Meet the Moment

As Cindy says: A great deal of uncertainty exists around how best to build and maintain teams, especially as employee preferences evolve. Nevertheless, business leaders must adjust to meet the moment. They should take advantage of new opportunities to identify and build exceptional teams that will, in turn, power company growth. 


Recommendations for Engaging Your Team at Work

Cindy provides insightful recommendations for company leadership hoping to engage their great team:  communicate consistently, recognize good work, focus on employee needs, and have fun! She says, “Workplace studies have found that socializing among team members improves communication by 50 percent and that reducing the feeling of employee isolation can, in fact, increase productivity.”