In this article for Business 2 Community, Agili COO, Cindy Joyce, discusses how this year’s challenges and unpredictability have accelerated a number of changes that were already taking place in how and where businesses work. This article is the first in a five-part series about the ongoing evolution of offices and what businesses can do to adapt and succeed. The uncertainty unleashed this year has been harrowing for many businesses, but there are opportunities to grow amidst all the disruption.

Better Communication Engages Employees

The first area of focus for any company or business leader should be effective business communication with employees. Team members who don’t feel engaged or connected to a company’s mission and strategy are unlikely to be invested in that company’s success. In fact, those disengaged employees are typically less productive and effective at work. It’s no wonder, then, that communication and engagement with employees is a top concern for many businesses. That concern has been amplified as businesses have adjusted by communicating with their team members remotely.

In this article, Cindy asserts that communication is a two-way street, that active listening matters and that management should lead by example. In addition, she suggests conducting an annual employee survey to better track overall improvements or dips in productivity and effectiveness that may not be apparent on a daily basis.

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