Cindy Joyce, discussing cybersecurity, is pictured in a blue sweater. In this article for Business 2 Community, Cindy Joyce shares best practices for protecting businesses from cybercriminals, especially during these uncertain times when attention may be focused elsewhere. Applicable to companies large and small, this advice on cybersecurity is especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is more important than ever to be cautious when receiving and/or responding to emails and phone calls. Cybercriminals excel in the ability to take advantage of vulnerabilities. During these precarious times, businesses and their leaders must be vigilant, especially in terms of protecting personal data for employees, clients, and customers.

One of the most challenging aspects of combating cyber scams in uncertain times is that our attention is often diverted elsewhere, creating openings for cybercriminals to strike. A key takeaway for businesses is the importance of training everyone in your company about the perils of cyber scams and questioning any dubious request.