Written by: Cindy Joyce


I would like to offer a sincere thank you to our clients who participated in the 2019 Client Survey.  The survey concluded in November and we received the summary right before the holiday season.  It is a true gift to see that our clients continue to be delighted by the services Agili provides.

We were thrilled to have 157 clients provide feedback to us this year, the second highest participation rate since we started the survey 12 years ago.  We value your feedback and appreciate the continued support.

Why do we conduct an annual client survey?

We have close relationships with our clients.  However, sometimes giving feedback is not easy.  Therefore, we like to provide an avenue for your input as well a reminder that we value each client’s perspective.  The results serve as a tool for improving the client experience at Agili.  We don’t want you to be simply satisfied that you are working with Agili.  We want each and every one of you to be truly delighted.  Additionally, the survey allows us to gather and compile all clients’ feedback at a single point in time, enabling us to hear your wants and needs and to determine if there are any trends or themes.  We conduct the survey during the fourth quarter each year so that we can prepare for the upcoming year.

What do we do with the results?

There are three primary uses for our client survey results.  The leadership team reviews the results in depth prior to setting our goals for the following year.  We tailor internal process improvements to address client concerns expressed in the survey.  Additionally we learn which clients are willing to refer new families to the Agili team.  We are so delighted to work with our clients and, as we grow, we want to work with new families who are similar to our current clients.  We are humbled that most of the survey respondents are extremely likely to refer friends, colleagues and family members to us.  Finally, we read each verbatim comment and follow up specifically if necessary.

How can clients provide feedback outside of the survey?

We conduct the survey during the late fall each year.  However, we hope you will always feel free to provide feedback to us throughout the year.  Your financial strategist is always available to you for feedback, good or bad.  Additionally, you may always contact our firm president, Michael Joyce or me, Cindy Joyce, Chief Operating Officer.

I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks from the entire Agili team for those who participated in our 2019 Client Survey.  We know each client is busy, so the time spent is truly appreciated.  Please know we are committed to using this information to glean knowledge and implement improvements.  Thank you for trusting us to do just that with your feedback.

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