Cindy Joyce discusses Agili's annual client survey

Written by:  Cindy Joyce

At the close of our 30th year at Agili, we are grateful for our clients. This year was special because we got to celebrate our milestone 30th year with many of you, some in person and some from afar. Once again, we asked for your opinion on how we did at Agili this year. And once again, we had a record number of responses and even higher ratings from you.


Purposes of Annual Client Survey

There are three primary purposes of our Annual Client Survey. Agili’s Leadership Team assesses the survey results and, where appropriate, incorporates the feedback into our annual goals and objectives for the following year. Second, we follow up on each client comment that requires attention or action. And third, we receive the names of clients who are willing to refer future Agili clients to us. We are happy to know that you enjoy working with us enough to put your name behind it.


Focus Areas for 2024

As we close out 2023, there are three main areas we heard from you about. We will continue to focus on them in 2024.

  1. We were gratified that when you were asked how well we serve as Your Personal CFO, our scores continue to improve. In 2024, we will continue to provide you with personalized financial planning and investment strategies — and will also find helpful ways to bring you peace of mind every day!
  2. We will continue to focus on and enhance your tax planning. We have upgraded our software tools to help you achieve your long-term goals by optimizing your financial situation.
  3. We will continue our communication with you, through various mediums. You will continue to receive quarterly reporting, videos, and newsletters. We will also keep you updated on the markets. We plan to do a better job just reaching out to you – be it for your birthday, an anniversary, or just to say hello. We understand some of you like a lot of communication and some just “want the facts.” We will offer many forms of communication to try to please you all.


Contact Us Anytime

We are here to serve you and are always willing to adjust and improve. So please do not wait until the next survey if something comes up. Additionally, you may always contact our firm president, Michael Joyce, or me, Cindy Joyce, Chief Operating Officer, to share your thoughts.

Thank you, once again, for participating in our annual client survey. Watch and listen throughout the year as we incorporate your thoughts and ideas into our ongoing client service.