Tax planningMichael Joyce recently shared his tax planning tips with NBC12’s Rachel DePompa – and the story was distributed nationally for NBC’s InvestigateTV.

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Tax Filing Deadline

This year, the deadline for filing tax returns is Tuesday, April 18th.



Tax-Saving Tips

Michael says you still have time to lower your tax bill by contributing additional funds to your IRA or Roth IRA accounts. The contributions could result in a tax break.



Review Paycheck Withholdings for 2024

If you expect a large refund, you would be well advised to adjust the withholding amount from your paycheck. According to Michael, “If you’re getting too big of a refund, that means that you’re giving the government in essence a tax-free loan.” This is money you could be saving or investing yourself.



Tax-Related Resources

The IRS offers an Interactive Tax Assistant (ITA) that answers tax-related questions.

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