Michael Joyce, Agili President and Founder

Michael Joyce, Agili President

In this story for NBC12 that has been distributed nationwide, Michael Joyce tells Rachel DePompa that it’s important to consider all financial aspects of a divorce before signing the divorce decree.

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Tax Implications and Other Fees following a Divorce

“I can’t stress enough that this is an important thing to think about: all the tax implications. Maybe get some professional assistance before the divorce decree is signed,” Joyce urged.

Joyce said it’s more than just a matter of splitting assets. Divorcees could get hit with surprise taxes or fees of which they were unaware.


Dividing Retirement Accounts

It’s important to consider the tax implications of a divorce. Splitting a 401(k) – and withdrawing funds early — may trigger a penalty. Having a trusted advisor to help protect assets is a big help.


NerdWallet has a free resource on 7 Ways to Ready your Finances for Divorce.