Written By: Adrienne Martin


Each year, we at JoycePayne Partners like to share with our clients the important feedback we receive in our annual client survey. 


This year, 114 of our valued clients took the time to provide us with their views on our performance in the 2016 client survey.  We were very excited that nearly half of those who responded were new participants over the previous year.  Of course, we greatly appreciate those who consistently take the time to share their insights.  Your input is so valuable to us. 


As you know, we use your survey feedback to guide initiatives for each year at JPP.   Client assessments steer our aspirational annual goal-setting and process improvement initiatives. 


We were happy to learn that our clients were quite delighted with our performance in 2016.  Overall, service ratings for commitment, financial strategy communication and responsiveness improved over 2015.  We have been working to make progress in these specific service areas – so we were very pleased to learn that clients perceived us as having done so. 


One service area that declined very slightly in 2016 was following through on meeting/call recommendations.  As a result, in 2017, we will strive to follow up with clients more quickly and more completely.  Better, more thorough communication with our clients is our goal.  Already, we have implemented new process improvements for client meeting follow-up that will ensure better task completion and communication from your JPP team after a meeting or call.


On the technology front, we learned that more clients are watching Michael Joyce’s quarterly YouTube videos.  To catch up on a video you missed, simply link to our YouTube channel through our website.   In addition, we learned that more clients than ever before are utilizing the client portal.  We have plans to create a new instructional video on how optimize client use of the portal in the near future. 


As always, another firm-wide goal is to continue to delight our clients.  One way we hope to do that is by being even more proactive in our work with clients.


We welcome the input we receive from clients –both positive and negative – so that we know what we are doing right and what we need to address in an upcoming year.  This year, we hope you notice our efforts to improve our meeting follow-up process as well our endeavors to be more proactive with clients. 


As always, please continue to let your financial strategist know if you have any recommendation you would like to share with us. You don’t have to wait until the 2017 survey to do so.  And thank you again to all of those who responded to the 2016 annual survey!