Best to Know All Costs Before Buying a Home

Michael Joyce, Agili President, discusses buying a home

Michael Joyce, Agili President

In this interview with NBC12, Michael Joyce reminds new homebuyers that it’s important to consider all of the fees that go into buying a home.


Unexpected Costs At Closing

In addition to closing costs, it’s imperative that new homebuyers don’t forget to factor in the following costs to a home’s purchase price:

  • Mortgage insurance
  • Title insurance
  • Homeowner’s insurance


Ongoing Costs After Buying a Home

These days, higher property taxes should be accounted for when home-buying. Michael reminds us, “With property values going up, assessments are going up – which means homebuyers will pay more over time.”

Also, it’s important to remember to add ongoing home maintenance to your budget: “We recommend having a certain percentage of the home value that’s dedicated towards home maintenance every year because things wear out, you’re going to have to upgrade things over time.”


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