How You Track Spending Is Not As Important As Doing It!

Michael Joyce says to track spending monthly

Agili President and Founder, Michael Joyce

If a fancy app is not for you, a pen or paper is just as good to get your finances organized. In this story for NBC12, Old School Budgeting with a Pen and Paper Is Still a Good Way to Go, Michael Joyce says he still budgets the old school way. “You can certainly use technology to keep track of a budget. But really you can do it any way that is comfortable for you. You can be old school by writing it down. You can use excel spreadsheets,“ Joyce adds.

Budgets Are Fluid: Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Michael says you don’t have to have every nickel and dime written down either. It can be fluid. Budgets are constantly changing as people get raises, bonuses or new better-paying jobs. Just get in the habit of watching your finances each month so you know where your money is going. It’s just important to have a budget written down and accessible to you, so you’re not just remembering numbers off the top of your head.


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