Written By: Amber Ott

As our clients are all aware, JoycePayne Partners recently launched a secure client portal, powered by ShareFile, to allow clients to receive documents from us more securely than through e-mail.  The client portal offers quick, easy and safe access to documents, but it does much more than that, too!

One convenience the client portal affords is the ability for our clients to send documents back to us.  Using the simple document upload process, a client is able to get documents and forms they have completed to the financial strategist and client service associate with whom they work with just a couple clicks of the button.

In addition, clients are able to customize their Sharefile account by marking specific folders as favorites.  To do so, simply click the star to the left of the folder name and that becomes a favorite.  Favorite folders are separated in their own tab at the top of the portal page so they can be easily located without needing to walk through the entire folder structure to find files clients like to see most often.

And access to the client portal couldn’t be easier.  The system is web-based, which means it can be accessed from any computer that has internet access.  All a client needs to do is go to the Client Portal page on our website and log-in.  They then have access to all documents relating to their work with us – from any computer anywhere in the world.  Additionally, ShareFile provides mobile access through apps for virtually any kind of mobile device.  When logged in to the client portal, a client need only click on the Apps tab in the header row and can receive instructions for downloading the mobile app for their device.  So now clients don’t need to be at their desk at home to review their documents or have a conference call with us.  They can be on vacation in Mexico or working from Asia and still have complete access to all of their files.

The client portal is one of the advancements in technology we have made recently and one of many we’re working on every day to make our firm function more efficiently and our clients’ lives easier.