Michael Joyce was interviewed by Rachel DePompa of NBC12 recently – just in time to give some tax filing tips. The story was distributed nationwide and has appeared in over 40 markets.

Michael Joyce, Agili President and Founder

Michael Joyce, Agili President

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Financial Planning Tips for Taxpayers Expecting a Refund

For those who expect a refund, Michael Joyce, suggests filing as soon as possible for two reasons. First, this helps protect against possible identity theft — if someone were to try to file under your name. If you’ve already filed, they will be thwarted. Second, filing early also enables you to get your refund faster and possibly invest it sooner.


Financial Planning Tips for Taxpayers Who Will Owe

If you owe money or have a complicated return, it might be advisable to file closer to the deadline. Those whose return will include K-1s or amended 1099s may want to wait to file at deadline time to avoid having to amend their return.


Tax Planning Tips Regarding Withholding

Another tip is to check the amount you withhold from your paycheck. While getting a big return may be nice, you are essentially giving the government an interest-free loan – so you may want to reduce the amount you are withholding. But Michael warns, “On the other hand, if you withhold too little, you might be subject to a penalty.”


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