Written By: Keaghan Ritchie

Social media is here, it’s there, and it’s everywhere. Whether you think it is a blessing (and are a social media nut), or a curse (and vow to never Twitter a Tweet), the evidence is clear; when it comes to staying on top of news and information, the benefits of social media are unmatched. Any person in the world with a smartphone has access to more financial news and data than a professional investor had only twenty five years ago. The abundance of knowledge available on social media, as well as the improved ability to stay connected with more people, provides access to new information and ideas to improve your own life. There are a few specific social media platforms that I recommend to you for staying current on the latest financial and economic news and ideas: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.


Twitter is a social media network designed for you to find community, conversation, and inspiration about the things you love. The real-time access to information makes Twitter a valuable asset to stay on top of financial news and ideas. There are millions of people and companies on Twitter, and in order to help you out I will suggest a few of the best Twitter users to follow and why I like them.


Stay current with events, opinions, and news of the firm

Michael Joyce@Michael_JPP

Great financial tips and also market information relevant to JoycePayne’s clients

Michael Kitces@MichaelKitces

A self-proclaimed Nerd of the Financial Planning world that keeps innovative ideas flowing as well as sharing  great information from other tweeters

Josh Brown@ReformedBroker

Star of CNBC’s The Halftime Report, provides knowledgeable commentary and advice on current markets with the occasional humorous tweet to keep it light

Justin Wolfers@JustinWolfers

Intelligent economist that helps followers to understand economic situations and how they apply to the markets


Excellent source of information on the global markets as well a good variety of their analyst views


Market news and analysis from around the world including riveting articles

Get Rich Slowly@GetRichSlowly

Great tips on how to succeed in your savings plan and also motivating stories about everyday savers

Eddy Elfenbein@EddyElfenbein

Compelling views on the markets and individual stocks while also providing stimulating facts to keep it interesting


LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking service that specializes in professional networking. On this site, a user creates a personal profile with information that helps them connect with peers, colleagues and professionals in their industry or other industries. Also, you are able to follow some of the most influential business minds in the world who share information that can help you personally succeed. LinkedIn is a great resource that can propel your career or help you to constantly stay in contact with peers and build your knowledge of things that interest you.

*  Connect with peers

*  Follow groups, influencers, news

*  Follow JoycePayne Partners and our Financial Strategists


YouTube is often regarded as the video king of the internet. With over 1 billion users, 4 billion videos viewed per day, and 300 hours of video being uploaded per second, YouTube holds a vast array of information and entertainment. Unlike the first two resources, YouTube is not so much social media as just media. The social aspect of it is that you can follow YouTube channels that interest you as well as follow other YouTube users. I highly recommend using YouTube to get more in-depth information and exclusive interviews to satisfy a craving for more knowledge on a subject. Here are some of my suggested YouTube channels to follow.


Useful videos to educate anyone about the world of investing.

JoycePayne Partners

Watch our Quarterly Market Insight videos to keep up to date with our views on the markets.

Financial Times

Access daily to watch the latest videos covering international business, finance, economic and political news, comment, analysis and more.


Google+ is a social network Google executives describe as “a social layer across all of Google’s services” that allows users to share their interests and identities.  Although not as popular in the social media world, Google+ boasts the features, quality, and vast network of Google, the most popular website on the internet. If you use any Google product such as Gmail, Chrome, or have an Android phone with a Google account, Google+ is especially beneficial to you particularly.

Written By: Keaghan Ritchie