Written by:  Helena Bates

Over the past few years, Agili’s Client Services team has worked to improve our performance by adopting more efficient tools with greater security for clients.

When I first started at Agili six years ago, nearly every process, such as sending client reviews and paperwork, was completed manually. Then, one day, I heard Cindy Joyce talk about a new secure file-sharing service called Sharefile. I had no idea that it would make my job so much easier!

Before Sharefile (which is the program that runs AgiliSecure, our client portal), each client’s quarterly review had to be password-protected before it was sent. While this was a necessity for security reasons, it was also very time-consuming. Can you imagine how excited I was to go from sending individual client quarterly reviews in 30 minutes to being able to upload them to AgiliSecure in 5 seconds, without compromising security?

Back in the day, we had to mail paperwork back and forth to clients or wait to get it signed at the next client meeting. Later, with more clients using email, we were able to send documents electronically to clients – but for obvious security reasons, everything had to be password-protected. Now, we can simply upload quarterly reviews and paperwork to the client portal, getting information into the hands of our clients more quickly and executing their financial and investment plans more efficiently.

What is even better than the improved time efficiency is the elimination of the potential for human error. Thanks to Sharefile, each client at Agili now has a unique identifier so that sorting and filing mistakes cannot be made.

Sharefile has not only saved our team valuable time but it is also a great service to our clients. We can organize a client’s financial documents in one central location, creating category folders as we go, and clients can even add their own folders in AgiliSecure. The portal enables clients to easily access past reviews, upload paperwork, or download a K1 that they may need for their accountant.

Sharefile has been a saving grace for every member of the Client Services team – from helping us get your invoice to you more quickly, to making your review available minutes after it is approved by your Financial Strategist, to assisting a Portfolio Administrator with getting paperwork completed efficiently.

If you have any questions about using AgiliSecure please do not hesitate to contact us.  Any member of our team can walk you through the client portal and how to use it effectively.