Written By: Sarah Caine

A few months ago, I wrote a blog entry called, “Difficult Discussions“. It focused on the importance of talking to your family about estate planning issues – both yours and theirs – in order to be better prepared in the event of a family emergency.

After that (of course it would be after that), I found a great resource for anyone contemplating embarking on this type of conversation.  It is called “The Conversation Project,” and it operates in conjunction with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

The Conversation Project expresses, much more eloquently than I could, the importance of having such a conversation.  It also provides some phenomenal resources such as a free, downloadable Starter Kit that will help you to:

* Organize your thoughts before you begin a conversation
* Plan a time and place for the conversation
* Find a good opening/ ice breaker
* Have the conversation
* Collect your thoughts after the conversation
* Identify anything you want to come back to in a future conversation

The Conversation Project’s website can be found at: TheConversationProject.org
There is a link to the Starter Kit on the top middle portion of the page, as well as links to additional resources.  I encourage you to visit this website – and begin planning your conversation – today.