RIABiz.com recently published an article about Tom Bradley’s oversight of custodian TD Ameritrade’s conversion to Schwab. Agili President, Michael Joyce, was featured in the article and provided comments:

“Right before the Labor Day weekend merger, long-time TDA client, Michael Joyce, president of Agili, formerly JoycePayne Partners in Richmond, Va., expressed just how far Bradley’s trust factor extended. ‘I [had] some trepidation about the conversion, but I talked to Tom Bradley last week, and he told me everything would be fine,’ says the advisor.”

Read the complete article here.


Agili, too, has worked hard to make the conversion from TD Ameritrade to Schwab as seamless as possible for clients. We’ve done our best to communicate clearly and often with our clients to keep them apprised of developments in the conversion, informing them about how to plan and prepare for it.


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