Michael JoyceMichael Joyce recommends protecting nest egg and credit score asserts that stocks won’t be down forever so we need to protect our nest eggs and credit scores.

Michael says you have to remember this is a long-term game.

“If I look at all the downturns in the market over the last half-century, in nearly everyone one of them the markets were as high or higher a year later. And certainly, three and five years later they’re a lot higher,” said Joyce. He adds that you should stay focused on that nest egg and saving for it.

If you’ve lost a job or are experiencing financial trouble he recommends doing everything you can to keep your credit in good standing. Work with your landlords or banks about payments. Call the credit card companies directly and see what you can work out. He says take care of the essentials but also, try to tackle bills that will matter to your credit.

At Agili, we believe that the first tenet of a strong investment philosophy for your nest egg should be diversification so that all investments in a portfolio do not appreciate or depreciate in tandem.