Written By: Michael Joyce

Each of our clients knows their Financial Strategist whom they meet with regularly, e-mail with any questions and talk to throughout the year.  What some of our clients may not know is that, aside from our Financial Strategists, JoycePayne Partners has a large team supporting them.  Each team member plays an instrumental role in every client relationship, doing much of the technical analysis that underlies our recommendations to clients and also ensuring that all clients’ interactions with JPP are easy and pleasant.


Each client relationship is staffed with a team of people who are familiar with the client and their financial situation and perform work that ultimately reaches the client.  Client teams are made up of each of the following team members:

  • Financial Strategist, who is the primary contact for the client, reviews and makes investment and financial planning decisions and recommendations for the client and stays in touch with the client throughout the year;
  • Senior Financial Strategist, who oversees all decisions made for the client and is available to the client or Financial Strategist whenever the need may arise;
  • Financial Planning Analyst, who performs the initial and in-depth analysis on any financial planning issues a client is addressing, such as education planning, financial independence modeling, insurance reviews or tax planning;
  • Investment Analyst, who reviews the client’s investment holdings on a regular basis, rebalancing the portfolio and making changes to specific holdings as needed to meet the client’s investment goals; and
  • Client Services Team, who jointly assist all clients through the completion of paperwork, account administration, and technical support and assistance.

All of the above team members are supported by a suite of highly customized and secure technological programs to ensure everyone at our firm is able to function effectively and efficiently for our clients.  Rest assured – information related to your relationship with us is not locked away in one person’s credenza; rather, it is housed on a secure network in password-protected document management systems and relationship management tools, accessible to those employees who service you.

So, we would like you to know you have a great team behind you.  Our entire staff is committed to our philosophy – always be of value to your client – and we work diligently behind the scenes to accomplish that goal.