Written By: Davis Barry and Dan Honsberger

While planning for retirement is an important consideration for everyone, there are many triggers that can lead one to seek financial advice.  For many Gen X’ers and Millenials, simply getting finances organized and putting a plan in place are major undertakings.  At 35, it may be hard to imagine starting a long-term financial advisory relationship, however, there is a compounding effect of making sound financial decisions well in advance of retirement.  For example:

  • The Future of Retirement, an HSBC study, showed that those with financial plans accumulated 250% more retirement savings than those without.
  • 44% of those who have a financial plan in place save more money each year for retirement.
  • Research by Morningstar shows that individuals with a financial planner have roughly 29% higher retirement income than those without.

Agili aims to customize, implement, and continuously monitor an individualized financial plan over a client’s lifetime. Acting as a Personal CFO, we focus on the big picture and handle the details for our clients. We take pleasure in eliminating stress and worry in our clients’ lives so that they can spend their time and energy focused on what they do best and value most.

Clients of all ages benefit from our comprehensive planning, which includes: cash flow analysis, tax and estate planning, insurance planning and risk management, charitable gifting planning, adjustments for life events and of course, retirement planning.

To grow their nest egg, younger clients benefit from Agili’s investment expertise covering asset allocation, maximization of risk adjusted returns, macroeconomic and market analysis, investment research and tax efficiency planning.

Our firm is grounded in a commitment to always work in our clients’ best interest. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are required by law to be a fiduciary, but truthfully, our guiding philosophy has always been to put clients first.

As a result of our commitment to working with folks from the beginning of their successful careers, we have designed a program specifically for younger clients.  As our younger clients are accumulating assets, we do not charge as a percentage of investments managed, but rather assess a monthly fee.  It is our hope and intent that this improves access to quality financial advice at a time when it can make a huge and lasting impact.