Your position at Agili:  Assistant to the President and Office Manager
Educational background:  A.A., Business.  I have worked in small businesses and entrepreneurial startups in many capacities, including sales, marketing and executive support roles.  I currently serve on the Board of Directors for CAVE Systems.
Describe your family:  I have two beautiful girls – 18 and 21.  Katie is a senior at JMU studying education and my youngest is a senior at Freeman.  I feel very blessed to have two beautiful and healthy girls that bring me much joy on a day to day basis.
What motivates you?  A sense of accomplishment.  I am a driven person in that what I set out to do I will always do it to my utmost potential.  There is a real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when learning something or trying something new.
What are your hobbies/charities/sports (active or fan)?  I love to snow ski, hike and bike.  I love to cook and enjoy exercise and staying active and healthy.  Trying to embrace football after all these years.  I can’t sit still long enough, but I am definitely a work in progress.
What is your favorite childhood memory?  Christmas is my favorite holiday as my mother always made it such a special time for us growing up and now I have taken on and added those traditions to make it very special for my family.
What is your favorite vacation spot?  I have many favorite vacation spots.  I love to travel.  St. John, Spain and Italy.  Local would be beach and exploring new areas like the Shenandoah Mountain area, which is so peaceful and beautiful.
Are you a cat or dog person?  Dog.  I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
What is your favorite food?  I love all kinds of food.  There is nothing I won’t try, unless Andrew Zimmerman eats it.
Anything else?  I live my life to the fullest.  Life is too short not to.  Being grateful every day for the people I am blessed to have in my life and for the opportunity to meet new people and bring something positive to each and every day.