Name:  Sarah Caine
Your position at Agili:  Financial Planning Analyst
Educational background:  I have a BS in Molecular Biology and a BA in Religion, both from Lehigh University. I get a lot of questions about the combination; let me just say that after a few semesters of classes in which there is one right answer to every question, the religion classes, in which the evidence you bring to support your conclusion matters more than the conclusion itself, were a form of self-defense.
As far as educational background that actually relates to my current position at JPP, I have completed coursework and passed the exam to obtain the Registered Paraplanner designation.  I have also completed coursework for the Certified Financial Planner designation, although I have not yet taken the exam.
Describe your family.  I have a husband, David, and three children:  Daniel (13), Ethan (8) and Judy (6).  I am also very lucky to have my parents and my two sisters and their families living close by.  In fact, you may know one of my sisters, Jen Pieson, who also works at JoycePayne Partners.
What motivates you?  I like to be busy, and I like to have a plan.
What are your hobbies/charities/sports (active or fan)?  I am an inveterate game player.  My current favorites are Dominion and Carcassone.  I also really enjoy reading, biking, hiking, cooking, baking and spending time with family and friends.
What is your favorite childhood memory?  My grandparents had a cabin in the Poconos, and when my sisters and I would visit, we would spend hours running wild in the woods, building bridges and tepees out of fallen logs.  Then we would go inside and play games.  My grandmother taught me backgammon, cribbage and innumerable card games, and she let me stay up very late playing them.
What was your favorite vacation or what is your favorite vacation spot?  I have two favorite vacation spots, and they are, not coincidentally, the two spots I have visited the most:  Rehoboth Beach, DE and Bermuda.  On vacation with kids, I definitely like to go somewhere I don’t have to figure out!
Are you a cat or a dog person?  A cat person.  Most definitely.
What is your most memorable or favorite book?  This is a tough one because I love to read, and narrowing it down to one or two is hard.  My favorite genre is historical fiction, and two of the books that really opened up this genre for me were Clan of the Cave Bear and Pillars of the Earth, both of which were loaned to me by my eighth grade math teacher.  Recent favorites include the Outlander series, The Golem and the Jinni, The Night Circus, and In the Night Garden.
What is your most memorable or favorite movie?  Probably The Princess Bride.  It is certainly the one I quote most!
What is your favorite food or food type?  Indian.