Name: Nigel Williams

Your position at JoycePayne Partners:  Client Services Associate

Educational background:  Graduated from: Benedictine College Prep in 2012; Virginia Tech in Applied Economic Management in 2016

Describe your family:  I come from a two parent, Christian home.  My parents are Lamar and Charlene Williams.  I am the oldest of their three boys.  My younger brothers are a pair of twins, Ian and Noah.

What motivates you?  My family motivates me the most.  We constantly work for the best out of one another.  I also want to be a solid example for my younger brothers as I reach to achieve my goals.

What are your hobbies/charities/sports (active or fan)?  A majority of my hobbies revolve around sports.  I played football growing up, through college, and then professionally, which makes it hard to step away from the game at any capacity.  Now I primarily stay involved by helping the younger players achieve their goals through football as well by training in my off time.  I also spend time on the pottery wheel a few times a week, or on a canvas.

What is your favorite childhood memory?  My favorite childhood memory would be the family trip we took to Orlando, FL when I was in the third grade.  I remember it being a long week of some of the most fun rides and good food.

What is your favorite vacation spot?  New Orleans is my favorite vacation spot.  I love seafood so southern Louisiana is a prime location.

Are you a cat or dog person?  Definitely a dog person over cats.

What is your favorite or most memorable book?  The most memorable book I have read would be Lord of the Flies.  After going to an all-male high school, the themes stuck to me.

What is your most memorable or favorite movie?  All of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies are my favorites.

What is your favorite food or type of food?  My favorite dish is an Oyster Po’Boy.