The Agili Team

We are thrilled to announce that Agili has been named one of America’s Top RIA Firms in 2023 by Forbes and Shook Research. To earn this recognition, Agili had to meet the following criteria.

Forbes and Shook Research Rank America’s Top RIA Firms



Ranking Eligibility

To be eligible for Forbes/Shook Research’s ranking, Agili had to meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 7 years as an advisor for 1 partner/principal
  • Fully operational as a practice for a minimum of 1 year
  • Must incorporate a fiduciary model
  • Completion of online survey and interview with SHOOK
  • Evaluations focused on wealth management
  • Acceptable compliance record
    • Source: Forbes/Shook Ranking Announcement 2023


How Were Respondents Judged?

Respondents were judged on the following quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Quantitative Metrics

  • Revenues
  • Assets under management—and quality of those assets
  • Client-related data, such as retention rates
  • Portfolio performance is not a factor; audited returns among advisors are rare, and differing client objectives provide varying returns
    • Source: Forbes/Shook Ranking Announcement 2023

Qualitative Metrics

  • Telephone, virtual and in-person meetings with firms (if an in-person meeting cannot be accomplished, exceptions are considered in which the interview will occur after a ranking has been published).
  • Compliance records. Some “dings” can be overlooked (e.g., firm or product failure beyond the scope of an advisor’s due diligence; the older a ding, the less we look). Since there are many gray areas, the SHOOK team is willing to listen to a firm that is willing to stand behind the advisor with written support.
  • Firms that provide a full client experience: Service model; investing process; fee structure; breadth of services (e.g., liabilities and other wealth management services)
  • Credentials (years of service can serve as proxy)
  • Use of team and team dynamics
  • Community involvement
  • Discussions with management, peers, competing peers
    • Source: Forbes/Shook Ranking Announcement 2023

More about Forbes’ and Shook Research’s Methodology


On October 10, 2023, Forbes and Shook Research released their list of America’s Top RIA Firms. The ranking is based on information from March 31, 2022 through March 31, 2023. Agili did not pay to participate in this ranking. Agili’s inclusion on this list makes no indication of Agili’s future investment performance.