Check New Credit Card Offers

In a recent “Watching Your Wallet” segment from NBC 12, Agili President, Michael Joyce, sat down with Rachel DePompa to discuss credit card options. This story has been distributed nationally by NBC and Investigate TV. Michael said it’s a good idea to review new credit card offers to make sure you have the right fit for your financial lifestyle.

Research Credit Card Fees

Michael suggests consumers really research and analyze how much a credit card would charge. And it’s not necessarily true that a card with no annual fee is better than a card with an annual fee. You want to check on the approval terms as well.


Analyze Credit Card Points Systems

Another thing to check on is your credit card rewards points system:

  • Are you earning as many points as you can?
  • Are you getting the right type of rewards for your lifestyle?
  • Should you have an Amazon card because you shop there the most?
  • Do you need a card more focused on travel?


Don’t Apply for Too Many Credit Cards

Michael adds that it is important not to go crazy and apply for many cards at once because that can negatively impact your credit score. But certainly research the various offers to find the best deal.


Additional Resources from NBC 12

Many organizations, like NerdWallet, have sites that can help find the best credit card based on spending categories, credit scores, rewards programs, and other factors.

MyFICO has information on how adding new credit lines can impact credit scores.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has comprehensive information on credit card use and rights as a consumer.

Experian has advice on how to use credit cards responsibly.