Funeral candle; funeral expense discussionMichael Joyce sat down with Rachel DePompa of NBC12 to discuss funeral expenses and funeral planning. It may be a morbid subject, but for the sake of your family, it’s important to think about planning for funeral costs. It’s thoughtful to provide your loved ones a road map for when you are not around.



Family Members Are Vulnerable After a Death

Soon after a death, people are vulnerable and can easily be talked into expensive options. And funeral and burial costs are typically costly.



Write a Letter of Instruction about Funeral Plans and Funeral Expenses

Michael says one of the things he often tells clients to do is to write up a letter of instruction to be kept with some of your estate documents: “Because you can put anything you want in these letters of instruction. And this could be one of the pieces of it: how you would want things done.”



Begin Financial Planning for Funeral Expenses Early

Michael says that you would be well advised to begin funeral planning early, before becoming terminally ill or elderly. Taking steps like this could make it easier for the family left behind, even if you have decades or a half a century left to live.