Written by: Keaghan Ritchie, Intern

The internet is full of useful tools and information that can help a person do anything from tying a bowtie, to starting a business, or even publishing a novel. So when it comes to personal finance, the internet sensibly has resources that can help you organize and track your finances. But this is the World Wide Web we are dealing with here, so it’s no surprise that when you Google “personal finance tools,” you get over 78 million results.  Searching through these tools reveals that some are overloaded with advertisements that make the site confusing, while some lure you in just to try and take your money. Therefore, we have compiled a list of resources that will not only save you time searching for the right tool, but are easy to use and effective at helping with many of your financial needs.

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Mint.com is your all in one personal finance and budgeting tool. Personally, I use this everyday to help me stay on a budget and track where I am spending my money. It has the ability to track multiple bank accounts as well as your investments. I can highly recommend this resource because of its simplicity and convenience (available online as well as an app on your smartphone). Free and easy to set up, mint.com can make you more aware of your personal finance habits.



Good mortgage calculator with amortization chart and ability to see the effect of extra principal payments.


Let this calculator help you decide whether refinancing your mortgage is the right decision for your financial wellbeing.  


  • HOME and AUTO

Whether you are looking to buy, sell, or just get the current value of your own car, Kelley Blue Book is one of the most trusted car assessment sites on the web.


Again, no matter if you are looking to buy, sell, or just curious about home values, this link can help you explore the value of most houses.



This tool provided by the IRS helps to quickly analyze your tax status and how you should set your federal tax withholding.


This tool can help you save time filing your taxes. It shows you if you qualify for the much more convenient EZ1040 form.  



Credit Karma is a free and easy way to get your credit score.


Credit Card Insider is an unbiased consumer and business credit card selection and discovery tool.  If you need a credit card for short-term credit, this site will help you find the right card for you.

A student loan consolidation and debt payoff calculator that will help to manage loans and pay off higher interest debt sooner than planned.  


These are the resources that we find the most useful and easiest to use. However, if you need more specific tools, we recommend checking out http://www.dinkytown.net/ and exploring their 400+ financial calculators.  Although this compilation of online tools can help you analyze and gain control of your finances, in order to gather a more in-depth look at your financial picture, please contact your financial strategist at JoycePayne Partners.

Written by: Keaghan Ritchie, Intern