Lounge area at Agili's Richmond office.

Agili’s Richmond office space, allowing for social distancing.

Cindy Joyce writes about being flexible and adaptable with office space during the pandemic in this article for Business 2 Community.

Challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic have accelerated a number of changes that were already taking place in how and where businesses work. This article is the second in a five-part series about the ongoing evolution of offices and what businesses can do to adapt and succeed. The uncertainty unleashed this year has been harrowing for many businesses, but there are opportunities to grow amidst all the disruption. The first part of the series focused on employee communication and now we turn our attention to office space.

Encourage Creativity and Collaboration

Creating dynamic office spaces can spur innovation and creativity. You don’t have to sacrifice these benefits during the pandemic. In fact, adapting to new realities offers an opportunity to rethink your company’s work environment. Open and airy spaces, including larger conference rooms and teamwork areas, that allow groups to collaborate at safe distances can align with your company’s brand and values, as it did with Agili’s Richmond, VA, space. The key takeaway is that office spaces can still work in our COVID-dominated world.

Shrewd business owners and executives will recognize the current opportunities to rethink their office spaces during the pandemic. If you’re in a position to consider changing or growing your office, it’s truly an ideal time to strike. Decisive action now can help put your company in a stronger position through the remainder of the pandemic and beyond.