Earlier this week, the Richmond Agili team headed out to Brambly Park to celebrate Portfolio Analyst Scott Bracey‘s recent marriage. We thought we’d share a few photos from the gathering.

Everyone on the Agili team, in both Richmond and Bethlehem, wishes Scott and his wife, Claudia, a lifetime of happiness together. Cheers!


Scott Bracey and Peter Byrd (l to r)



Amber Ott, Jamie Malone, Scott Bracey, and Peter Byrd (l to r)











Kyle Joyce, Dan Honsberger, and Michael Joyce (l to r)



Van Nguyen, Conor Clark, Jamie Malone, Scott Bracey, Peter Byrd, Davis Barry, Cindy Joyce, Kyle Joyce, Dan Honsberger, Michael Joyce and Cody Santmyer (l to r)