At Agili, we like to offer financial advice and investment insights to clients and friends of the firm in many forms – in blog posts, news articles, our newsletter, social media and even via video. Recently, we developed our Agili’s Best Financial Advice video, featuring the debut of Agili’s Financial Planning Team.
Topics Covered:
After a quick introduction from Michael Joyce, topics covered in the video are:
·        Importance of having a financial plan (Jamie Malone, CFP®, CPA)
·        Updating income tax allowances (Marilee Falco, CFP®, ChFC)
·        Reviewing insurance coverage (Elissa Wurf, PhD, CPA, EA)
·        Emergency fund (Dan Honsberger, CFP®)
·        Debit v. Credit cards (Sarah Caine, CFP®)
·        Saver’s Credit (Carrie Fellon, CFP®, CRPS)
·        Revisiting your retirement savings rate (Davis Barry)
·        Budgeting (Peter Byrd)
·        Saving for long-term goals (Jennifer Pieson, FPQP™)
We are excited to share this practical and actionable advice with our valued clients and friends. While you may have heard some of these tips from us in the past, we know you’ll enjoy hearing from Agili’s Financial Planning Team.
Agili’s Best Financial Advice video has a five minute watch time. Closed captions and a transcript are available. If you have any questions on the content of the video, please feel free to contact your financial strategist.
We look forward to sharing some shorter videos on our YouTube channel in the coming months. For our entire collection of YouTube videos, click here.
The Agili Team