Michael Joyce Included on the “100 RIAs to Watch” List

Michael Joyce, Agili President, discusses economy

Michael Joyce, Agili President

We are very proud to announce that, once again this year, Michael Joyce was named one of AdvisorHub’s 2023 Advisors to Watch. He is included on the 100 RIAs to Watch list.


According to AdvisorHub, advisors included on the list are ranked on:


  • Scope of practice measured by assets, production and level of service;
  • Growth of practice consisting of year over year growth in assets, households and production; and lastly,
  • Professionalism which includes regulatory record, community service and team diversity.


In addition, AdvisorHub states the following: “These one-hundred advisors have assembled efficient and productive teams that have achieved scale without compromising their level of service while maintaining healthy growth.”


On June 20, 2023, AdvisorHub released their Advisors to Watch list based on information from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. Again, they rank advisors on three categories: scale, growth and professionalism, as described on their webpage. Agili did not pay to participate in this ranking. Agili’s inclusion on this list makes no indication of Agili’s future investment performance.