Featuring Michael Joyce

Click here to watch the latest Agili Market Insights video: Agili’s 2020 Election Reaction and Insights.

Agili President and founder, Michael Joyce, begins the video saying that while results of the 2020 election are still being contested, it looks like Joe Biden will be President, that the Democrats will maintain a diminished majority in the House of Representatives and that the Senate will remain in Republican hands.

So far, the investment markets have not declined due to uncertainty about the election outcomes. And recently, they have been buoyed by heartening news regarding a coronavirus vaccine. Michael also discusses a rotation we have observed in the markets from strength in high-flying tech stocks to more value-oriented stocks.

Finally, our election analysis explores how the election results should and should not impact your future tax strategy.

Watch the Video Here

Agili’s latest Market Insights video has a seven minute watch time. If you have any questions on the content of the video, please feel free to contact Michael or your financial strategist.