One hundred dollar billCheck your bank accounts! There’s a little good news to start your New Year. NBC12 announces that stimulus direct deposits are being made and checks are being mailed! Michael Joyce and others suggest ways to ensure those funds are put to good use!


For each eligible adult and child in your home, $600 is starting to appear as direct deposits. The government says it began mailing physical checks on Dec. 30th and will continue the rollout over the next 5 to 7 weeks.



How Will You Receive Your Stimulus Payment?

How you get the money depends on how you filed your taxes and if the IRS has your bank account information. If you received a direct deposit last time, you will again. If you received a check or debit card, you will receive one again.



Develop a Plan for Your Stimulus Payment Now

Whether you have the money or you’re still waiting, experts tell us it’s good to develop a plan for it now.

Cherry Dale with the Virginia Credit Union says the best thing you can do is go over your budget and prioritize every dollar.