Carrie Fellon Highlights Charitable Giving Strategies with Tax Benefits

Lehigh Valley Business published an article written by our Financial Strategist Carrie Fellon that highlights methods of giving to charity that also provide tax benefits. Carrie describes the often overlooked strategy of the qualified charitable distribution along with other, more commonly utilized strategies. To read all of Carrie’s ideas, click here.

Michael Joyce Suggests Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for Businesses

Michael Joyce wrote an opinion piece for Lehigh Valley Business in which he suggests that one of the best gifts small business owners can give themselves is adequate insurance coverage. Michael mentions key person insurance, insurance to fund a buy-sell agreement and umbrella liability insurance, among other types. To read all of Michael’s insurance recommendations, click here.

Michael Joyce Offers Common Sense Tax Reforms

Michael Joyce recently wrote an op-ed for Richmond Times Dispatch with suggestions of common sense tax reforms.  In the wake of President Trump releasing a tax reform proposal, Michael suggested changes and simplifications to the tax code that would benefit as many Americans as possible.  To read all of Michael’s suggestions, click here.

Michael Joyce Shares Estate-Tax Strategies with Family Business Owners

Michael Joyce authored an article for Lehigh Valley Business about savvy estate-tax strategies for family business owners.  In the article, Michael reminds business owners about the lack of marketability discount that can be applied to an illiquid asset, such as a closely-held business, when valuing an estate.  Michael also offers advice on retaining control of your business even if you are no longer a majority shareholder.  To read the entire article, click here.

Marilee Falco Discusses Collaboration with Estate Attorney

Marilee Falco co-authored an article with Dolores Laputka, attorney at Norris McLaughlin & Marcus, P.A., that was published in Lehigh Valley Business on August 14, 2017. Marilee and Dolores discuss the key to a successful relationship between a financial advisor and an estate attorney – open communication. To read more about how clients benefit from their financial advisor and estate attorney working together, click here.

Carrie Fellon Offers Advice to Parents About Paying for College

Carrie Fellon wrote an article for Lehigh Valley Business that was published on September 11, 2017.  In the article, Carrie offers advice to parents planning to save money for their children to attend college.  The well-known 529 account has many benefits, but Carrie also discusses another important piece of the puzzle – financial aid.  To read the entire article, click here.

Marilee Falco Advises Women Entrepreneurs on Saving for Retirement

Marilee Falco wrote a guest article for Business Woman in which she offers retirement planning advice to women business owners. A successful plan starts with finding the right advisor – one who understands their clients’ entire life picture. To read the rest of Marilee’s suggestions, click here.

Jamie Malone Cautions Against Borrowing from Self to Pay for College

Social Security is a complex system. In an article written for Lehigh Valley Business, Sarah Caine simplifies the most relevant information to help you maximize your Social Security income. Sarah defines useful terms and discusses filing decisions for individuals and couples. To read the entire article, click here.

Michael Joyce Suggests a Market Correction Looms

Lehigh Valley Business interviewed Michael Joyce for an article that was published on July 3, 2017.  The article discusses the continuing upward trend of the financial markets, but Michael and others suggest a correction is coming.  To read Michael’s thoughts on what to expect from the markets, click here.

Cindy Joyce and Michael Joyce Detail Benefits of a Company Retreat

Cindy Joyce, Chief Operating Officer, and Michael Joyce, President of JoycePayne Partners co-authored an article for Lehigh Valley Business about the benefits of a company retreat.  In addition to aligning a business mission and improving employee morale, a retreat can create a more collaborative and efficient work environment, which ultimately leads to higher profits.  To read the entire article, please click here.

Michael Joyce Offers Advice to Business Owners

Michael Joyce wrote an opinion piece for Lehigh Valley Business with suggestions for a business owner who has extra cash.  Generally, truly excess cash is only common in the “cash cow” phase of a business’ life cycle.  At that point, business owners can consider investing in real estate, fully funding retirement plans or even purchasing another business.  To read all of Michael’s suggestions, click here.

Michael Joyce Supports Tax Cuts for Businesses

Michael Joyce was one of several registered investment advisors who spoke to Financial Planning about President Trump’s proposed tax cuts for business owners.  Michael supports a tax cut for businesses because it would allow more money to flow back into businesses, which would be good for the economy in general and the investment advisory industry specifically.  To read all of Michael’s thoughts, click here and View List.

Carrie Fellon Shares Marketing Tips with Professionals

In an article for Lehigh Valley Business published on April 10, Carrie Fellon offers tips to professionals about marketing to a target market segment.  Particularly, using social media to reach out to a specific market with content that will be relevant and interesting to them is an effective use of resources.  They get good information and you move one step closer to establishing a good relationship with a potential client.  To read all of Carrie’s tips, click here.

Marilee Falco Describes the Benefits of HSAs

Marilee Falco wrote an article published in Lehigh Valley Business that details the benefits of health savings accounts.  If you are enrolled in a high deductible health plan, an HSA is an ideal way to accrue funds for future medical expenses.  For further details on the many tax advantages of these accounts, please click here.

Michael Joyce Comments on Recent Rate Hike

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday, March 15, that it is raising interest rates again.  How much do these rate hikes impact the average investor?  Michael Joyce offered his answer to that question in an article published by Richmond Times Dispatch.  He suggested that people generally pay too much attention to moves the Fed makes.  They only control short-term interest rates, and it is longer-term rates that are much more meaningful to the average investor.

Michael Joyce Named to Barron’s List of America’s Top 1,200 Financial Advisors

We are pleased to announce that Michael Joyce, President and Founder of JoycePayne Partners, was named a “Top Financial Advisor” in 2017 by Barron’s for the third consecutive year. Ranked 15th in Virginia overall, Michael is the highest-rated fee-only advisor in the Richmond region.

In response to this national recognition, Michael said, “I am honored to be named once again to Barron’s ranking of the top financial advisors in the United States. This accomplishment highlights our mission to provide innovative financial management strategies and solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual, family and institution we serve. We are grateful for the support of our incredible clients who entrust their financial future to us.”

Joyce continued, “Our team of dedicated professionals are indispensable resources for our clients and provide value by developing comprehensive and personalized financial planning and investment management strategies. Their work is an integral part of our firm’s success.”

Barron’s annual ranking of top financial advisors is based on three components: assets managed, revenue produced and quality of practice. The data is compiled by individual advisors and is verified with regulatory filings.

To read Barron’s article and view the complete state-by-state ranking, please click here.

Michael Joyce Helps Businesses Prepare for Disaster

Michael Joyce recently wrote an article for Lehigh Valley Business in a special section on Business Disaster Planning & Recovery.  The article, titled “Planning and insurance – the two keys to disaster recovery,” focuses on how businesses can prepare for a variety of unexpected disasters, including hacking, vandalism, and an extended power outage.  To read Michael’s suggestions, click here.

Michael Joyce Shares Thoughts on Recent Executive Order

Richmond Times-Dispatch recently published an article summarizing two executive orders signed by President Trump.  One of them directs the Department of Labor to delay implementation of the fiduciary rule, a rule JoycePayne Partners strongly supports.  In the article, Michael shares his thoughts on why the rule would be beneficial for financial consumers.

Excerpt from “Trump orders review a 2010 financial oversight law and of the ‘fiduciary rule’”.  Richmond Times-Dispatch.  February 3, 2017.

Trump also signed a presidential memorandum Friday that instructs the Labor Department to delay implementing the “fiduciary rule,” an Obama-era rule aimed at blocking financial advisers from steering clients toward investments with higher commissions and fees that can eat away at retirement savings.

The rule, which was set to take effect in April, will be delayed for 90 days while it’s reviewed.

Critics argue the rule limits retirees’ investment choices by forcing asset managers to steer them to the lowest-risk options.

However, Michael Joyce, president of JoycePayne Partners, a financial planning firm in Richmond, said he supports the fiduciary rule and considers the decision to delay it “misguided.”

“I see nothing wrong with acting in the best interests of financial consumers rather than the less stringent ‘suitability’ standard where an investment advisor can put his or her interests first as long as investments are ‘suitable,’ ” Joyce said.

Joyce said “entrenched incumbents” have opposed the rule to restrict competition, and he thinks that the enhanced disclosure “will actually bring down costs for financial consumers who participate in retirement plans.”

Michael Joyce Describes the Benefits of Cash Balance Plans

Michael Joyce wrote an article for Lehigh Valley Business that was published on January 9, 2017.  The article describes the key characteristics and some of the benefits of a cash balance plan.  A cash balance plan is described by the Department of Labor as a defined benefit plan that reports like a defined contribution plan.  To read the entire article and learn more about this type of retirement savings vehicle, click here.

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