Michael Joyce Tells Young Employees to Put 10% of Salary in their 401(k)

Michael spoke with Rachel DePompa of NBC12, about the advice he provided his sons when entering the workforce. He said to take advantage of any company match, “Don’t leave money on the table.” He recommends immediately putting 10% of their salary into a 401(k), “If you never see that money in your actual paycheck, then you won’t miss it.” In this way, it’s possible to get to a million by retirement age.

Nigel Williams Inspires Us with his Efforts to Give Back to the Richmond Community

Nigel Williams was profiled in the Richmond Times Dispatch’s “Making a Difference” column. By using his time away from Agili to teach art at a juvenile detention center and to coach high school football, Nigel is a great ambassador for our firm. His talent on the football field has been known to those at Benedictine, Virginia Tech and even the NFL, and now his character and community contributions are being recognized by others. We’re impressed and inspired!

Sarah Caine Explains Why Meeting Medicare Deadlines Is Important

In this interview for Financial Planning magazine on navigating the Medicare maze, Sarah Caine shares valuable healthcare planning insights. Sarah reminds us that missing Medicare deadlines can result in losing certain rights, such as Medigap’s guaranteed issue right, which requires insurance companies to offer certain policies – even for those with pre-existing conditions.

Michael Joyce Makes Recommendations Regarding Sudden Wealth Events

For those lucky enough to experience a sudden wealth event such as selling a business, gaining access to deferred compensation or receiving a large stock award, Michael Joyce shares his best financial planning advice in a recent article for Lehigh Valley Business. Michael suggests ideas for structuring the sale of the business and organizing one’s financial world appropriately before receiving executive awards so as to reduce taxes owed.

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