Financial Ethics

Written by:  Conor Clark, CFA An interest in economics and business has led me to pursue a career in investments, and six years in, I’m happy with the decisions that brought me here. One aspect of the finance industry that has always given me pause, however, is the...

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Sharefile, the Superpower Behind AgiliSecure

Written by:  Helena Bates Over the past few years, Agili’s Client Services team has worked to improve our performance by adopting more efficient tools with greater security for clients. When I first started at Agili six years ago, nearly every process, such as sending...

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IRA Contributions

Written by:  John Paul Curtin An Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is an account that allows you to build retirement savings while taking advantage of tax-free growth on your investments. In 2019, the IRA contribution limit was raised to $6,000/year for...

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What’s My Password?

Written by:  Marilee Falco, CFP®, ChFC “What’s my password?” How often have you said this to yourself?  We have so many passwords today that it is nearly impossible to memorize all of them. Most of us have devised a method for creating passwords and storing them. But...

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Financial Planning and the Proverbial Beer Truck

Written by:  Grant Wilburn   Many of our clients and all of my coworkers here at Agili have something in common: we live in constant fear of beer trucks.     As I’m sure some of those reading can attest, the length of time someone has been a client and the probability...

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