Making the Most of the Benefits You Already Have

Written By: Jen Pieson Agili customizes individual financial plans for each of our clients; it's one of the ways we aim to be our clients' Personal CFO. The beginning of a client relationship usually involves a flurry of activity wherein we coordinate the opening of...

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Getting to Know: JT Beck

Name:  JT Beck Your position at Agili:  Portfolio/Investment Administrator Educational background:  University of South Carolina; St. Christopher's School Describe your family:  I'm one of three sons...all of whom have great senses of humor, but can be serious when...

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Multifactor Authentication: Protecting You from Cybercrime

Written by:  Van Nguyen, FPQP™ If you do online banking, pay bills online, or log into your investments accounts online, you have undoubtedly encountered the joys of multi-factor authentication.  In addition to the standard username and password, you are required to...

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When SHOULD You Collect Social Security Benefits?

Written by:  Sarah Caine, CFP® In my last blog post, I told you when you can start collecting Social Security benefits, but when should you do so? Many people think it’s best to begin collecting Social Security benefits as soon as possible  – I’ve heard more than one...

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Financial Ethics

Written by:  Conor Clark, CFA An interest in economics and business has led me to pursue a career in investments, and six years in, I’m happy with the decisions that brought me here. One aspect of the finance industry that has always given me pause, however, is the...

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