What is a Brokerage Account?

Written By: John Paul Curtin A brokerage account is a taxable (non-retirement) account that is held at a licensed securities firm or brokerage. Typically these investment accounts are set up to link to a checking or savings account to allow for electronic transfers of...

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Be Smarter About Setting Goals

Written By: Peter Byrd Maybe you’ve had that steadfast vision of shifting gears in the front seat of a new two-door sports car. Or perhaps, you yearn to have your toes in the sand, umbrella drink in your hand on a tropical island. Whether you are trying to save for...

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Making the Most of the Saver’s Credit

Written by: Carrie Fellon CFP®, CRPS   As tax filing season winds down, let’s take a look at a tax credit that can help you plan during the year ahead. Those just starting out in the workforce or those approaching retirement may want to take a closer look at the...

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The Importance of the Due Diligence Questionnaire

Written by:  Steve Luchko At times, the database and ranking system created by Morningstar, an investment research company often relied on by both retail investors and institutional investors alike, is imprecise in describing the philosophy of a mutual fund or...

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