Game developer, Jennifer Pieson, who teaches her kids personal finance, is pictured on the beach with her family.

Agili game developer, Jennifer Pieson, and her family.

It’s important to teach kids personal finance lessons at home – early and often, says Agili’s Michael Joyce. In this interview with NBC 12’s Rachel DePompa, Michael says that children may learn about money and budgeting in school, but they learn best from parents. And real life lessons are invaluable.

“Maybe you had Econ 101 and it was really boring. It’s because the professor didn’t make it about the real world,” says Michael.


Agili Helps Parents Teach Kids about Personal Finance!

Agili recently launched a personal finance game that parents can play with their children. We created a kid-friendly game to introduce your child to some common personal finance topics through real-world, fun examples. A series of blog posts was written by Financial Planning Analyst (and resident game developer), Jennifer Pieson, to accompany each of the nine modules. Clients and friends of the firm have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this content with children ages 7-15 during the pandemic’s downtime. 

Agili cares about financial education, and as a family-oriented firm, we want your children to get a head start in learning to make thoughtful financial choices.