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Cindy Joyce, Agili CFO

Agili CFO, Cindy Joyce, wrote the following letter to Agili’s clients, thanking them for participating in our annual client survey. She delineates the reasons we so value our clients’ input each year — and how we put the information gleaned from the survey to good use in developing our firm’s direction for the future.

Dear Clients,

At Agili, our focus is on long-lasting relationships. We value each and every client relationship. 


Working in Your Best Interest

In addition, we are committed to always work in our clients’ best interest. Therefore, we don’t want to make assumptions. We don’t want to become complacent. We strive to continually improve and, yes, delight you.

In November 2021, 164 clients provided feedback to us in our client survey. This participation rate was in the top three since we started the survey 14 years ago! We appreciate your input and continued support.


We’re Grateful You Enjoy Working with Our Team of Experts

As is always the case, we learned a lot from the survey, and each piece of information or each trend we observe serves a purpose. Primarily, Agili’s leadership team* reviews the survey results in-depth and addresses them in our goals and objectives for the upcoming year. Second, we pay attention to each verbatim comment clients make when taking the survey. We want to make sure we are listening to each of you, and we follow up directly where appropriate. Finally, we appreciate hearing if you are willing to refer clients to us. Growing through referrals is fulfilling, because it helps ensure we get to work with more clients like you. And we truly enjoy working with you. We are grateful to know that you enjoy working with us, too.


Agili’s Role as Your Personal CFO

This year we learned that you, our clients, are fully embracing our commitment to acting as Your Personal CFO. As we continue to grow our relationship with each of you, we can better customize, coordinate, and monitor each aspect of your financial life. We like to be proactive and take life’s financial tedium off your plates. The survey results show that clients consider Agili’s role as Your Personal CFO as one of our most important attributes. That measurement was appreciably higher in 2021 than in previous years.


Our Goal Is to Delight Our Financial Clients

At Agili, we hold a high bar when it comes to you, our clients. Therefore, in the survey we often ask if you are delighted. We feel strongly that being satisfied just isn’t good enough. Therefore, we have set the bar for our performance to “delighted” to ensure that we are continuously going above and beyond to surpass your expectations.


We Welcome Our Financial Clients’ Feedback

The survey is just one vehicle through which clients can provide feedback to us. In addition to the survey, we hope you are comfortable sharing input with us any time. Your financial strategist is always available to you for feedback, good or bad. Additionally, you may always contact our firm president, Michael Joyce or me, Cindy Joyce, Chief Operating Officer.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your candid feedback. We will continue to use that feedback to delight you in 2022. Stay tuned, we will ask for your input again in November!


Cindy Joyce

Chief Operating Officer


*Photos and bios of Agili’s leadership team can be found at the Our Team page of our website. At the top of the page, simply click on the “Leadership Team” menu item.