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Your Personal CFOs at Agili

We are excited for you to view our latest video, About Agili: Get to Know Your Personal CFO, featuring Agili President, Michael Joyce; Principal and Financial Strategist, Jamie Malone, and Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Joyce.

Watch Video Here.


Fee-Only Pioneers and Registered Investment Advisors

Michael Joyce begins the video by reminding us that when he founded Agili early in 1993, the firm was one of the very first fee-only financial management firms in the country. What fee-only means is that Agili does not sell any financial products and does not accept any commissions. Our only compensation is based on the fees that our clients pay us. And the reason that we have done that since the beginning is because we felt that it was very important that we are on the same side of the table as our clients, working in their best interest. Being fee-only and being a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) also means that we follow a fiduciary model. (Michael jokes that he doesn’t throw the “F word” around lightly.) Being a fiduciary means that, unlike a broker/dealer who follows a suitability model where investments are only required to be suitable for a client, we at Agili, as fiduciaries, are legally bound to work in our clients’ best interest.


Your Personal CFO and Agili’s Team of Experts

From our earliest days, we have been our clients’ “Personal Chief Financial Officer”. We bring together the disparate financial pieces of our clients’ financial lives to achieve their financial goals and objectives with the resources that they have to get there. We have a team of experts that works for each client. We have Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFP®s), and Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who are all working together for the common good of our clients.


Exceptional Client Retention

Most of the clients we started working with over 25 years ago are still clients today. In many cases, we now work with their children and other members of their families as well.  – and this is something we are very proud of. One of the best measures of the success of Agili over the years is that we’ve had virtually no client turnover.


A Designated Professional Just for You

Principal and Financial Strategist, Jamie Malone, says that one thing that distinguishes Agili from larger financial advisory firms is that every Agili client works with a designated professional who manages our work for them, keeping their specific priorities in mind. Our team works tirelessly to simplify clients’ financial lives, developing financial and investment plans based on each client’s unique long-term goals. We enjoy taking things off our clients’ plates and are happy to coordinate with other professionals such as accountants and estate attorneys when needed.


What Sets Agili Apart from Other Financial Advisors: Our Care

One of the things we are proudest of in our team is that we truly care about each one of our clients. Each member of the Agili team is there for our clients to celebrate successes and to support them through life’s challenges. We know that this genuine care is something that sets us apart.


Much More Than Retirement Planning: We Go Above and Beyond for Our Clients

Finally, Agili’s Chief Operating Officer, Cindy Joyce, discusses how the team at Agili loves working as our clients’ Personal CFO. And our clients tell us how much they enjoy and appreciate our responsiveness. We always go above and beyond for each client. Not only will we negotiate corporate perquisites and benefits for clients, but we’ll even negotiate on their behalf when they are buying that dream car, boat or second home. At Agili, we’re always there for our clients.

We hope you enjoy our latest video, About Agili: Get to Know Your Personal CFO.

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